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Meet Decision Makers From US & Canada:

  • Class 1 Commuter & Freight Rail Operators
  • Transit Agencies
  • Freight & Short Line Freight

With The Following Job Titles

CEO’s, MD’s, COO’s Chief Engineers, Chief Engineering & Maintenance Officers, Chief Mechanical Engineers and Directors and Heads of:

  • Transportation
  • Operations
  • Signalling
  • Signal Inspector
  • PTC Implementation
  • Train Control
  • PTC Signalling
  • PTC Design Manager
  • CBTC Signalling
  • CBTC Design Manager
  • PTC/CBTC Test & Commissioning
  • Operating Systems
  • Network Control Systems
  • Systems Engineering
  • Track
  • Track Maintenance
  • Track Asset Management 
  • Control Centre Operations
  • Software Engineering
  • Safety
  • Communications
  • Integrated Communications & Advanced Train Control
  • Field Applications
  • Railroad Systems & Engineering
  • Intelligent Transport Systems
  • Technology Innovation
  • Wayside Systems Maintenance 
  • Control Centre Operations
  • Rolling Stock Maintenance
  • Systems and Technology, Automation
  • Locomotive and Systems Engineering
  • Network Operations
  • Vehicle and Track Optimisation
  • Reliability & Asset Management
  • Rail System Safety
  • Cab Electronics/Systems
  • Broken Rail Detection
  • Grade Crossing/ Crossing Safety Systems 

Plus Federal Gov US & Canada

Chiefs, Heads & Directors of:

  • Signal, Train Control & Communications
  • Systems, Technology & Automation
  • Railroad Safety
  • Chief Engineer
  • Grade Crossing & Trespassing

PTC, CBTC & Advanced Signalling Systems To Further Improve North American Railroad & Grade Crossing Safety Virtual Congress 2021


North America's Only Business Conference That Delivers Solutions To The Challenges Faced When Looking To Maintain And Enhance PTC Systems, Understand Cost Effective Grade Crossing Safety Systems, & Implementing CBTC Across Your Rail Networks 

During consultation with North American Rail Operators across our global rail portfolio of events, three hot topic areas kept coming up again and again… Maintaining & Further Enhancing PTC, Systems & Solutions To Combat Grade Crossing Incidents, & CBTC Project Delivery.

To help North American Rail Operators make informed decisions on the optimization of PTC Systems, integrating CBTC into complex operating environments, and Grade Crossing Safety Solutions, our upcoming PTC, CBTC & Advanced Signalling Systems To Further Improve North American Railroad & Grade Crossing Safety Virtual Congress 2021, will provide participants access to 3 separately bookable days that will give you the opportunity to hear from North America and International case studies on the subject area most pertinent to you in your role.

Day 1 – Implementing & Advancing PTC To Further Improve Safety & Reliability   

The majority of railroads have gone for years without having to maintain an advanced train control system and communications network. Do you have the necessary inhouse expertise to maintain the system? How much is it going to cost? And, how do you develop and train a multi-disciplinary workforce across a diverse technological operating environment? From tackling the key the key reliability, maintainability and interoperability challenges faced, to examining the opportunities to enhance communication networks and the advanced PTC systems that are set to transform operational efficiency, this 2021 agenda has been extensively researched with the PTC community from across North America to ensure it responds to the challenges faced and provides value for the industry at this time.

Day 2 - Cost Effective Solutions To Reduce Grade Crossing Incidents & Improve Whole Network Safety

Incidents at grade crossings are a major safety concern for North American Railroads. In response to the challenges faced, Day 2 of year’s program will focus on the signalling, communications & innovative early warning detection systems that can be utilised to enhance safety across rail networks with a particular focus on substantially reducing incidents at grade crossings and implementing broken rail detection systems. From exploring different risk scenarios, understanding the smart condition monitoring and presence detection technologies that can be utilized in diverse operating environments, to the broken rail detection systems that can enable a preventative response and avoid network downtime, day 2 of this years agenda will deliver solutions to the challenges you face.

Day 3 – Optimal CBTC Implementation

Day 3 of this years agenda will focus on the planning considerations you need to make when implementing CBTC across your network. We will examine CBTC deployment in a live operating environment, explore communication infrastructure requirements for both onboard and wayside, and share solutions to the interoperability challenges faced with legacy fleets and signalling systems.  From planning to delivery and the ongoing maintenance of the system in a reduced revenue operating environment, this program will feature North American and International case study presentations that will share experiences of CBTC green and brownfield project delivery in sometimes complex underground operating environments.

Bringing Operators And Manufacturers Together To Identify Solutions To The Challenge Of Improving Reliability, Maintainability And Enhanced Efficiency Across PTC, CBTC And Grade Crossing Safety Systems

Curated into a highly focused program based on operators' recent projects and experiences, the agenda sessions will provide valuable insights for participants on the commercial, technical and practical issues relating to train control and advanced signalling safety projects. If you need to establish the business case for new technology-based solutions that will optimize rail safety operations, generate long-term cost savings and reduce risks to both passengers and rail workers, then attending this virtual business conference will give you all the insights, information and connection opportunities that you need.

Previous participants of our virtual events have told us that the experience delivered by American Business Conferences is unlike any other virtual event they have attended. Our primary focus is on delivering exceptional content for senior decision-makers and leaders in rail systems safety and creating a unique live conversation on the virtual platform that will both progress knowledge acquisition and knowledge creation and help inform business decision-making processes.


Register for 1, 2 Or 3 Days

Day 1 -
Exploiting And Advancing The Full Capabilities Of PTC – Addressing The Key Reliability, Interoperability And Maintainability Bottlenecks

  • Overcoming Reliability Challenges & The Most Common Onboard & Wayside Bugs That Impact Functionality Of The System
  • Examining How To Overcome The Major Interoperability Challenges Faced Between Legacy Systems & Railroads That Co-Exist On The Same Track
  • Exploring Future Maintainability Of The System From A Cost, Operations & Workforce Perspective
  • Understanding The Business Case For Investment From An Enhanced Safety & Performance Perspective
  • Examining Funding Opportunities For Safety Related Signalling Projects & Partnering With Regulators To Support Implementation Of Reliable Technology & Equipment
  • Mitigating Risk & Developing Strategies To Overcome Reliability & Performance Challenges
  • Developing & Training A Multi-Disciplinary Workforce That Can Implement, Operate & Maintain Your PTC Enhanced Rail Network
  • Exploring The Opportunities To Enhance Communication Networks, & Improve PTC System Reliability & Security
  • Exploring The Development Of Next Generation PTC Systems For Enhanced Business Benefits Beyond Safety

Day 2 -
Upgrading Signalling, Communications,
And Interrelated Systems/Warning Devices To Combat Grade Crossing Incidents, Broken Rail Detection And Trespass Incidents

  • Health Monitoring Solutions That Can Be Utilized To Mitigate Against Grade Crossing Incidents
  • Software Systems That You Can Utilise To Scenario Plan & Understand Risk At Your Grade Crossings
  • Utilizing Your Fibre Optic Backbone And Early Warning Presence Detection Technologies To Alert Locomotives Of Intrusion On Grade Crossings
  • Exploring The Ruggedized Technologies That Can Operate In Remote Areas & Extreme Weather Conditions
  • Understanding The Smart Condition Monitoring & Prescence Detection Technologies That Can Be Utilized In Diverse Operating Environments & Weather Conditions
  • Exploring The Opportunities To Develop Intelligent Grade Crossings That Communicate With PTC Systems
  • Examining The Development & Deployment Of Broken Rail Detection Systems In Dark Non-Signalled Territories
  • Understanding The Reliable & Cost-Effective Alternative Energy Systems That Can Be Utilized In Remote & Dark Territories?

Day 3 -
Examining The Planning & Integration Considerations Required For CBTC Project Success

  • Analyzing The Advantages Of A CBTC System vs PTC System & Understanding CBTC Systems Consideration For Different Operating Environments
  • How Do You Transition To A CBTC System In A Brownfield Operating Environment & Still Continue To Deliver Service?
  • Exploring The Communication Infrastructure Requirements In Complex Underground Operating Environments
  • Understanding & Overcoming Interoperability Challenges With Legacy Fleet & Onboard & Wayside Signalling Systems
  • Examining The Testing & Commissioning Of A CBTC System Across A Greenfield Line Extension
  • International Case Studies Exploring The Delivery Of CBTC Systems in Mass Transit Operating Environments
  • Interactive Breakout Classrooms That Will Explore The Development Of CBTC Implementation Plans For Both Greenfield & Brownfield Operating Environments

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