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With The Following Job Titles

CEO’s, MD’s, COO’s Chief Engineers, Chief Engineering & Maintenance Officers, Chief Mechanical Engineers and Directors and Heads of:

  • Transportation
  • Operations
  • Signalling
  • Signal Inspector
  • PTC Implementation
  • Train Control
  • PTC Signalling
  • PTC Design Manager
  • CBTC Signalling
  • CBTC Design Manager
  • PTC/CBTC Test & Commissioning
  • Operating Systems
  • Network Control Systems
  • Systems Engineering
  • Track
  • Track Maintenance
  • Track Asset Management 
  • Control Centre Operations
  • Software Engineering
  • Safety
  • Communications
  • Integrated Communications & Advanced Train Control
  • Field Applications
  • Railroad Systems & Engineering
  • Intelligent Transport Systems
  • Technology Innovation
  • Wayside Systems Maintenance 
  • Control Centre Operations
  • Rolling Stock Maintenance
  • Systems and Technology, Automation
  • Locomotive and Systems Engineering
  • Network Operations
  • Vehicle and Track Optimisation
  • Reliability & Asset Management
  • Rail System Safety
  • Cab Electronics/Systems
  • Broken Rail Detection
  • Grade Crossing/ Crossing Safety Systems 

Plus Federal Gov US & Canada

Chiefs, Heads & Directors of:

  • Signal, Train Control & Communications
  • Systems, Technology & Automation
  • Railroad Safety
  • Chief Engineer
  • Grade Crossing & Trespassing

Jared Scarbrough

Manager Of Systems Engineering

Utah Transit Authority

Jared currently serves as the Manager of Systems Engineering at Utah Transit Authority (UTA). He is also the Project Manager for UTA’s Positive Train Control project on the FrontRunner commuter rail system that received vital certification from the FRA towards the end of 2020. Jared manages a variety of systems-related train control projects such as the train dispatch infrastructure upgrades, which includes adding traction power and electrification controls and indications into UTA’s back office, traction power substation upgrades program, train control upgrades and speed efficiency changes to UTA’s Commuter Rail system, train control and SCADA communications upgrades and redundancy modifications, and a variety of other State of Good Repair projects related to UTA’s various transit systems. 

As the Project Manager for the UTA PTC Project, Jared had the responsibility of managing the design, procurement, grant coordination, installation, testing, Safety Plan submission, coordination with FRA, and final certification of UTA’s cab-signal based Enhanced Automatic Train Control (E-ATC) PTC system. Jared was responsible for all internal coordination efforts required within the transit agency to ensure all stake holders such as engineering departments, MOW, Safety, Operations, PR, and other internal entities were able to provide insight and become educated and active participants during all stages of PTC implementation. 

Jared initiated a project that allows UTA to gain speed efficiencies back on the railroad after the PTC system has been installed. UTA is the first, and currently only E-ATC railroad that is implementing a novel system modification, which we refer to as Mandatory Directive Expedient Release (MDER), which allows trains to immediately resume Maximum Authorized Speed (MAS) once a train has cleared the island. When UTA has a crossing projection in place, this new MDER modification now allows trains to eliminate several minutes of delay time by increasing speed immediately after traversing a crossing rather than waiting for our next track circuit, which could be up to a mile away. This project has already proven to be very beneficial to UTA operations and has received praise from UTA’s operations management group and their operators that run the alignment every day.

Prior to Jared’s time working directly at UTA, he was a consultant to UTA for six years as a Program Manger helping manage the early stages of UTA’s PTC project. Jared has also worked on other large transit project such as the Gold Line Light Rail Extension in Pasadena, CA and the Houston Metro Light Rail projects in Houston, TX. Jared was also a Design-Build contractor on two of UTA’s Light Rail projects prior to his time as a consultant to UTA.

Jared was nominated for the 2011 Utah Engineers Council Fresh Face of Engineering Award. He was also awarded the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) 2011 Young Professional of the Year. He was later selected as the 2013 Engineering News-Record Top 20 under 40 recipient. Jared has graduated from the ACEC-Utah Chapter Leadership class of 2011 as well as the Eno Centre for Transportation Transit Mid-Manager Seminar in Vancouver, BC in 2019.

Jared graduated from the University of Utah with a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering where he was on the Dean’s Honor list and a member of the Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society and the Chi Epsilon National Civil Engineering Honor Society. 


Register for 1, 2 Or 3 Days

Day 1 -
Exploiting And Advancing The Full Capabilities Of PTC – Addressing The Key Reliability, Interoperability And Maintainability Bottlenecks

  • Overcoming Reliability Challenges & The Most Common Onboard & Wayside Bugs That Impact Functionality Of The System
  • Examining How To Overcome The Major Interoperability Challenges Faced Between Legacy Systems & Railroads That Co-Exist On The Same Track
  • Exploring Future Maintainability Of The System From A Cost, Operations & Workforce Perspective
  • Understanding The Business Case For Investment From An Enhanced Safety & Performance Perspective
  • Examining Funding Opportunities For Safety Related Signalling Projects & Partnering With Regulators To Support Implementation Of Reliable Technology & Equipment
  • Mitigating Risk & Developing Strategies To Overcome Reliability & Performance Challenges
  • Developing & Training A Multi-Disciplinary Workforce That Can Implement, Operate & Maintain Your PTC Enhanced Rail Network
  • Exploring The Opportunities To Enhance Communication Networks, & Improve PTC System Reliability & Security
  • Exploring The Development Of Next Generation PTC Systems For Enhanced Business Benefits Beyond Safety

Day 2 -
Upgrading Signalling, Communications,
And Interrelated Systems/Warning Devices To Combat Grade Crossing Incidents, Broken Rail Detection And Trespass Incidents

  • Health Monitoring Solutions That Can Be Utilized To Mitigate Against Grade Crossing Incidents
  • Software Systems That You Can Utilise To Scenario Plan & Understand Risk At Your Grade Crossings
  • Utilizing Your Fibre Optic Backbone And Early Warning Presence Detection Technologies To Alert Locomotives Of Intrusion On Grade Crossings
  • Exploring The Ruggedized Technologies That Can Operate In Remote Areas & Extreme Weather Conditions
  • Understanding The Smart Condition Monitoring & Prescence Detection Technologies That Can Be Utilized In Diverse Operating Environments & Weather Conditions
  • Exploring The Opportunities To Develop Intelligent Grade Crossings That Communicate With PTC Systems
  • Examining The Development & Deployment Of Broken Rail Detection Systems In Dark Non-Signalled Territories
  • Understanding The Reliable & Cost-Effective Alternative Energy Systems That Can Be Utilized In Remote & Dark Territories?

Day 3 -
Examining The Planning & Integration Considerations Required For CBTC Project Success

  • Analyzing The Advantages Of A CBTC System vs PTC System & Understanding CBTC Systems Consideration For Different Operating Environments
  • How Do You Transition To A CBTC System In A Brownfield Operating Environment & Still Continue To Deliver Service?
  • Exploring The Communication Infrastructure Requirements In Complex Underground Operating Environments
  • Understanding & Overcoming Interoperability Challenges With Legacy Fleet & Onboard & Wayside Signalling Systems
  • Examining The Testing & Commissioning Of A CBTC System Across A Greenfield Line Extension
  • International Case Studies Exploring The Delivery Of CBTC Systems in Mass Transit Operating Environments
  • Interactive Breakout Classrooms That Will Explore The Development Of CBTC Implementation Plans For Both Greenfield & Brownfield Operating Environments

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