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Meet Decision Makers From US & Canada:

  • Class 1 Commuter & Freight Rail Operators
  • Transit Agencies
  • Freight & Short Line Freight

With The Following Job Titles

CEO’s, MD’s, COO’s Chief Engineers, Chief Engineering & Maintenance Officers, Chief Mechanical Engineers and Directors and Heads of:

  • Transportation
  • Operations
  • Signalling
  • Signal Inspector
  • PTC Implementation
  • Train Control
  • PTC Signalling
  • PTC Design Manager
  • CBTC Signalling
  • CBTC Design Manager
  • PTC/CBTC Test & Commissioning
  • Operating Systems
  • Network Control Systems
  • Systems Engineering
  • Track
  • Track Maintenance
  • Track Asset Management 
  • Control Centre Operations
  • Software Engineering
  • Safety
  • Communications
  • Integrated Communications & Advanced Train Control
  • Field Applications
  • Railroad Systems & Engineering
  • Intelligent Transport Systems
  • Technology Innovation
  • Wayside Systems Maintenance 
  • Control Centre Operations
  • Rolling Stock Maintenance
  • Systems and Technology, Automation
  • Locomotive and Systems Engineering
  • Network Operations
  • Vehicle and Track Optimisation
  • Reliability & Asset Management
  • Rail System Safety
  • Cab Electronics/Systems
  • Broken Rail Detection
  • Grade Crossing/ Crossing Safety Systems 

Plus Federal Gov US & Canada

Chiefs, Heads & Directors of:

  • Signal, Train Control & Communications
  • Systems, Technology & Automation
  • Railroad Safety
  • Chief Engineer
  • Grade Crossing & Trespassing


Testimonials from our Rail Innovations series including Reliable Track Infrastructure and Rolling Stock Maintenance virtual and live conferences:

"In April, American Business Conferences (ABC) a brand of London Business Conferences Group (LBCG) held a virtual event American Rolling Stock Maintenance Summit.
I would like to thank the ABC and especially Doug Power for making this event a success. Many public transit agencies took part in the Summit and representation from American and Canadian regulatory authorities presented a great...

Unipart Rail "A great event that sparked many interesting discussions between companies interested in achieving the same end goal"

Land Transport Authority "It is a place to understand technology and challenges faced in condition-based maintenance".

Siemens PLC "A thought provoking conference that allowed a number of areas to be considered and new ideas to take away".

MTA Long Island Rail Road "This conference helped solidify my belief that we are on track to success and that many other transit agencies are facing similar challenges".

TPG "A great opportunity to meet with peers, discuss experiences, develop and share new ideas. Absolutely essential for anyone who is committed to achieving excellence in maintenance management'

FCCA "This conference addressed all of the key issues in an engaging and fresh way - it was good to meet with my peers and discuss industry developments, both present an for the future also"

Falveley Transport "Good forum to discuss the changes taking place in rolling stock maintenance and to where the future is heading"

Eurostar "A thought provoking conference that allowed a number of areas to be considered and new ideas to take away"

Bonatrans Group "Very good conference. A unique opportunity to meet with head engineers and maintenance managers from a variety of companies and projects and to really see the main trends on rolling stock maintenance". 

Penn Machine Co. " Solid content, with established speakers on real topics".

Canarail "This conference for was an eye opener on what the rail industry really needs"

RTD - Denver "Great conference, met many different people in different positions and was able to take a lot of good information back".

SKF USA "Very Informative, good balance of real life".

Omni Strategy "The Variety of topics presented and openly discussed provided insight to participating groups promoting similar business and maintenance practices across the industry".

Omni Strategy "It was great to see all of the groups come together for a good cause, to better rail maintenance"

Los Angeles Metro "We particularly enjoyed sessions on scheduled maintenance approaches, training & recruitment".

Portland Bureau of Transportation "No more magic mileages for maintenance. New predictive technology will save us time & money".

Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority "Nice sized conference where I could really get to know and talk to all the participants" 

LTK Engineering "We will use today's experience for a better future."

IMI Precision Engineering, "Best networking event in the industry."

Head of Rolling Stock Maintenance, Indian Railways “I enjoyed the event and hope to be part of it in the future in person”

Lead Digital Information Manager, HS2 “Great conference . Very much enjoyed taking part. Really good presentations & good questions. I’ve had a number of people contact me subsequently who share my interests in Digital Twins."

Dr. Wehbi - Network Rail “I found the conference very interesting and well organised"

Marco Gallini - Head of Diagnostics - RFI “Many thanks to you and your team, everything was perfectly organized! Attending the event as a speaker and as a panelist has been a great pleasure!”

Margherita Lupi - RFI "Your kindness and professionalism in organizing a conference so well structured in this difficult pandemic period"

Senior Condition Monitoring Engineer, Infraview “The Reliable Track Infrastructure Conference brought a very knowledgeable set of track infrastructure stakeholders from across Europe and the UK in particular. It gave a great snapshot of the current state-of-the-art for monitoring and maintaining track and the experiences and challenges of the various operators and vendors in this field. It is a great platform for furthering collaboration across borders...

Senior Executive Officer - Rail Fleet Services “In the midst of the COVID, it's nice to see new communication platforms rise up and clearly help all of us manage our businesses and stay connected on a global scale.”


Register for 1, 2 Or 3 Days

Day 1 -
Exploiting And Advancing The Full Capabilities Of PTC – Addressing The Key Reliability, Interoperability And Maintainability Bottlenecks

  • Overcoming Reliability Challenges & The Most Common Onboard & Wayside Bugs That Impact Functionality Of The System
  • Examining How To Overcome The Major Interoperability Challenges Faced Between Legacy Systems & Railroads That Co-Exist On The Same Track
  • Exploring Future Maintainability Of The System From A Cost, Operations & Workforce Perspective
  • Understanding The Business Case For Investment From An Enhanced Safety & Performance Perspective
  • Examining Funding Opportunities For Safety Related Signalling Projects & Partnering With Regulators To Support Implementation Of Reliable Technology & Equipment
  • Mitigating Risk & Developing Strategies To Overcome Reliability & Performance Challenges
  • Developing & Training A Multi-Disciplinary Workforce That Can Implement, Operate & Maintain Your PTC Enhanced Rail Network
  • Exploring The Opportunities To Enhance Communication Networks, & Improve PTC System Reliability & Security
  • Exploring The Development Of Next Generation PTC Systems For Enhanced Business Benefits Beyond Safety

Day 2 -
Upgrading Signalling, Communications,
And Interrelated Systems/Warning Devices To Combat Grade Crossing Incidents, Broken Rail Detection And Trespass Incidents

  • Health Monitoring Solutions That Can Be Utilized To Mitigate Against Grade Crossing Incidents
  • Software Systems That You Can Utilise To Scenario Plan & Understand Risk At Your Grade Crossings
  • Utilizing Your Fibre Optic Backbone And Early Warning Presence Detection Technologies To Alert Locomotives Of Intrusion On Grade Crossings
  • Exploring The Ruggedized Technologies That Can Operate In Remote Areas & Extreme Weather Conditions
  • Understanding The Smart Condition Monitoring & Prescence Detection Technologies That Can Be Utilized In Diverse Operating Environments & Weather Conditions
  • Exploring The Opportunities To Develop Intelligent Grade Crossings That Communicate With PTC Systems
  • Examining The Development & Deployment Of Broken Rail Detection Systems In Dark Non-Signalled Territories
  • Understanding The Reliable & Cost-Effective Alternative Energy Systems That Can Be Utilized In Remote & Dark Territories?

Day 3 -
Examining The Planning & Integration Considerations Required For CBTC Project Success

  • Analyzing The Advantages Of A CBTC System vs PTC System & Understanding CBTC Systems Consideration For Different Operating Environments
  • How Do You Transition To A CBTC System In A Brownfield Operating Environment & Still Continue To Deliver Service?
  • Exploring The Communication Infrastructure Requirements In Complex Underground Operating Environments
  • Understanding & Overcoming Interoperability Challenges With Legacy Fleet & Onboard & Wayside Signalling Systems
  • Examining The Testing & Commissioning Of A CBTC System Across A Greenfield Line Extension
  • International Case Studies Exploring The Delivery Of CBTC Systems in Mass Transit Operating Environments
  • Interactive Breakout Classrooms That Will Explore The Development Of CBTC Implementation Plans For Both Greenfield & Brownfield Operating Environments

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